How do you say flashcard in Chinese


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the right word for flashcard in pleco or on Google translate.

Do Chinese people use flashcards to learn languages?


Hi tohca1,

there are many different terms, some of them more specific than the English "flashcards". Here are a few I found quite sensible, with some added explanation:

Most likely for children:
- 识字卡: A card for learning to read and write, with images on one side, and Hanzi on the other
- 识图卡: A "remember-pictures-card", the same as a 识字卡
- 方字: "square characters", word cards for teaching reading

More general:
- 教学卡片: A "teaching" card, so it's written from the perspective of the publishing house selling prepared learning cards to students/pupils
- 抽认卡: A "take out-recognize" card, which is how it should be for flashcards, perhaps a more informal term
- 闪卡: From "appearing very briefly", which could be a semantic (not phonetic) borrowing from the English "flashcards"
- 闪示卡: A "briefly-show" card, perhaps the original word that was shortened to the form above
- 字卡: A Chinese character flashcard
- 生词卡: A vocab flashcard

I'm sure there are more, so one can learn from this that the Chinese are used to studying diligently with the help of flashcards.