How can I tell when an SRS flashcard will come due?

On Pleco I set up two testing profiles. One which has random card selection and presents cards that I've gotten correct less than 5 times, and which also has the scoring system set to "stats only". The other is a spaced repetition deck which displays cards I've gotten correct more than 4 times (couldn't figure out how to do >=). I use the former deck to study new cards and the latter will be used to review older cards.

The problem is, once I've reviewed the cards in the first profile 5 times, they don't immediately show up in the SRS deck. I expected they would since I set the scoring to stats only. Just to make sure that those cards will enter the SRS system eventually, is there a way to check when they'll come due?
I don't think so, but you should be fine. Basically, the next time that new card should show up should be in (score/100) days. Given that you've tested 5 times correctly, your score should be over 100 and might take a few days to show up again. That should give you enough time to forget it. ;-)

I do the same thing (except for 3 times rather than 5) and the new cards always show up in my srs test eventually.

Now some dumb questions:
- Are you using the same score file for both testing profiles?
- Have you categorized your cards, and are both categories selected for both testing profiles?
I am using the same score file for both. The default one. Both decks pull from the same category of cards.

Also cards are showing up in my SRS deck. So I guess things are working!