How About...


...continuing development on the Berlitz phrase books!? I see no greater complement to PlecoDict than the Berlitz references. An editable version (allowing for nuances in local vernacular) would be an indispensible tool! That said, I am here to help out with the purchase of a three-pack bundle...


Staff member
We would, but sales have been absolutely dreadful (we made more money in the first DAY of PlecoDict sales than we have in a year-and-a-half of Beriltz sales), we would not be permitted to add the sorts of features we would to add (like Pinyin pronunciation and audio), and our license for the Berlitz content expires at the end of the year anyway.

We are toying with the possibility of releasing a more fleshed-out Chinese-only phrasebook product at some point, one with more phrases, more Chinese-specific phrases (since how many campgrounds do they actually have in China?), Pinyin, audio, full-text search, etc, but there are a lot of other projects jockeying for position on our calendar and I'm not sure when development on that might begin. We'd love to do it in combination with a printed product, too - it's time Pleco started developing some content on our own, and given the poor quality of most Chinese phrasebooks on the market today I think we could give Lonely Planet & co a run for their money.