Help with the Test Settings

Hello :)

I would like to use pleco flashcards to learn all words of one lection of my chinese book at once. I have categorised all the words I want to learn in different folders for each lection. My problem is that I want to have an endless amount of reptitions, but only of those flashcard I haven't marked as correct before.
Ideally I would like to start with the whole folder, which gets smaler everytime I press correct, so in the end there are only a few flashcards left.
I hope this wasn't to confusing.

Thanks in advance :)
Hello Felix,

You should be able to do that using a Card filter. Set the Card filter to # correct = 0, and you will only be asked about cards for which you have never tapped the mark correct button. The cards would stay in the folder, but the correct ones would then be ignored. When you are done with a session, you'd have to abort it manually, since it usually only ends after all cards have been answered correctly. But still, your progress is saved with your cards.

You're welcome, Best,

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