Help adding to list of key literary words (See list so far below) in Chinese and their spoken equivalents?

Hi there,

I'm trying to compile a list of the above, but it's slow going. Does anybody know of a list out there? Below is as a far as I've got so far. I'm not looking for really obscure words but just those that are pretty frequent. Thanks in advance!

其 = 他的,它的, 她的,他们的 etc… it depends on what pronoun it is replacing

视为 / 视 = 看成 regard as

还未= 没有

何时 = 的时候

何其= 多么

乃是 = 是/就是

此 = 这

如此 = 那么 / 这么 / 这样

那么为何 = 为什么

之 = 的

若 = 如果

以 = 用

岂不是 = 难道

1.凭 = 凭着 , 通过 ,借着 (through)

2.凭 = 靠 depend on

怎样 = 怎么

归于 = 属于

以及 = 而且,并且

从未 = 从来没有

彰显 = 显明 – obvious

何等 = 多么

唯有 = 只有


Hello Christopher,

I feel your list of key literary words is already quite complete and well made. I don't think there are all that many such expressions coming from Classical Chinese in Modern Chinese literary language. Idioms there are plenty, but that would of course be another category. I don't know of such a list from another source, so it's probably best if you just keep at it, as you will probably learn the most from creating your own list, anyway. ;)