Handwriting recognition is "sticky" on htc elf

Hello everyone.

I have a problem with my brand-new windows mobile htc elf. Pleco works fabulously 50% of the time. The other 50%, the handwriting recognition box is very buggy. "Sticky" I'd say. I go to write a character and it seems not to sense the pen moving across the screen. It leaves short jagged lines instead of a nice smooth stroke. I can usually futz around with some buttons, for example changing the active dictionary, and get it somehow to reset and everything is fine. I'm not sure that this makes sense, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know asap. I'm going through Pleco withdrawals! I live in Taiwan and need to use this machine approx 6 hours a day!




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The handwriting recognition issue is actually caused by your HTC's "TouchFlo" finger control software - basically the function that lets you scroll through windows by dragging your finger across the screen is picking up those pen strokes and interpreting them as scroll commands. If you do a Google search for "TouchFlo scroll" you can find a bunch of utility programs that will disable that system for you and allow the pen to work normally. The specific thing it keys to is whether or not there's a scrollbar visible on the screen, so using the separate handwriting recognizer screen should in most cases avoid this problem too.
Update: in case anyone else has this problem now or in future.

Thanks so much Mike.

This stickiness is pronounced when the HR box is located on the right. When I moved the box to the bottom, it was somewhat better. However, the problem has completely gone away when I've switched it to FULL mode. (If you don't know what I mean, click and hold on the "bi" character along the top toolbar and you'll see these options.) Seems like I can keep my Touchflo and my Pleco handwriting recognition after all.


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Yes, in fullscreen mode there's no scrollbar so the Touch scrolling system disables itself since it doesn't see anything to scroll. (unfortunately we can't get rid of the scrollbars in the main screen without resizing everything, which would be a big slowdown) The same should apply on 2.0 since we've carefully tried to avoid having scrollbars in that input screen too.