Grammar Dictionary


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Sorry, what do you mean by a “grammar dictionary”? A reference of grammar patterns of some kind? (Any particular title you’re thinking of?)
Hi Mike sorry for the late reply

Yes like sentence pattern, and explanation
Something like this

Example is 只要- -就-
if you search on dictionary it will show "as long as"

只要你过来 , 我们就很 开心 。

but for learning, we need some explanation on what should be the next
like verbs or nouns

Example 如何 vs 怎么
Explanation on when to use the right words on right sentence for similar meanings

OK - 只有知道如何停止的人,才知道如何高速前进。
OK - 只有知道怎么停止的人,才知道怎么高速前进。
Not Good - 今天如何这么冷。
OK - 今天怎么这么冷。

Its it possible to have this feature ?


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Understood, thanks. This would be a nice thing to have though I'm not sure if we'd be better off licensing something or developing our own data in a format that was optimized for dictionary searches (i.e. more reference-y, less discussion-y).


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Possibly, I'm just not sure if licensing a textbook makes that much sense instead of licensing something that's more reference-y and hence better suited to use in Pleco.