Graded Readers: Audio Samples?



I did some searching but didn't find an answer to these questions:
  1. Is it possible to sample any of the graded reader audio content?
  2. Is the audio restricted to playback only within Pleco? (I'm guessing not, AFAIK they are just MP3 files).
I'm much more interested in the audio content than the written content (i.e., I want to practice listening and use the text to check my comprehension), but I am hesitant to make a purchase without a sense of what the audio quality is like.


Staff member
We aren't really able to offer samples ourselves at the moment, but if you go to the print publisher Sinolingua's website at most of the books' MP3s can be freely downloaded from there.

Audio is not restricted to playback within Pleco, no - they are indeed just MP3 files.