Google ARC Welder

In that case try Deskdock. It syncs your clipboard either through the Usb cable (you have to enable USB debugging) or through WIFI (but you have to enable Wifi ADB). Pushbullet Pro also works but in my opinion is quite expensive just for that feature. You can try some of the others I just mentioned.
To sync my flashcard file I use SyncMe Wireless.
With Deskdock you can also control your Android device with the mouse and keyboard and it will behave as another screen from your PC. I think sharing the keyboard is a Pro version feature

Edit: If you use Linux I would recommend Kde Desktop. It will install a few libraries from Kde if you are using another desktop environment. But not so many, and I really think it is worth it. Kde works connecting devices in the same WIFI network.
Deskdock also works fine under Linux but it works either through a USB cable or WIFI adb.
Here you have the instructions for Deskdock:
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In effect there are problems. For me registration was dropped out, but Pleco is working in base configuration. I tried also with Edge Canary (that now uses Chromium as engine), but I had more problems. Any help?