Getting pluses next to each dictionary definition for flashcard entry


A while back when Pleco added the feature to write to Anki notes, I immediately configured it in Pleco and find it real handy. Recently I set this up for my wife, who is starting to use Pleco more. Just one problem. On my Pleco I was able to configure it so that when she looks up a word there is a plus sign for each dictionary that has an entry, so I can pick the definition I like best. This was a year or two ago, and I can't figure out where to set it now. I've hunted through the settings and looked at the guide but nothing stands out. How can I set this?


Staff member
Make sure that along with enabling "Show flashcard status [+] in lists", you've also gone in and configured whatever model you'd like to check against - enable 'Use for word duplicate checking', and make sure that the first field is something that can be usefully checked against (simplified headword, e.g.) since Anki only lets us search their database by that one. (you can duplicate-check against other fields too, it just has to also match that one, and since it's a checksum it has to match exactly)