German Flashcards for "Xin Hanyu Jiaocheng" &#

This is a set of flash cards for lessons 1 to around 70 of the three volume book set "A New Perspective: Context, function and Structure in Teaching Chinese". This book is published by Peking University Press, ISBN 7-301-04028-8, 7-301-04029-6, and 7-301-04030-X. The first two volumes provide 30 lessons each, volume three contains 20 lessons.

The flash card set is in German (in case you missed the subject line).

In my opinion, these are not beginners' book but rather starting somewhere around end of beginner, beginning of intermediate level. Surprisingly, you'll find several beginner's words in the first book -- however the texts will nevertheless be too difficult for a real beginner.

I like the books because they provide a certain amount of text to train reading. This book set is surely not top-notch, but it is useful and I found it interesting to read the text material.

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:idea: Final note: the flash card list is UTF-8 encoded.



I also have a few flashcard stacks I am willing to share (I am building them up for all the textbooks I'm using). However, I would tend to feel that as painful as it may seem, looking up every word and building those stacks has value in itself. So unless one would want to use the exact same textbook, I'm not sure these are of much use... :?
Of course the example with German translation is different, I guess it's more to do with user-defined dictionaries.