Generating Flashcards for often confused pairs/triples

Method for generating flashcards from commonly confused character pairs/triples based on conversation from here. Presented for those who may find it useful.

It's simple enough to create an excel spreadsheet with forumulas to do most of the heavy lifting with a little brute force. See the Excel spreadsheet from the following link:

Usage: see each individual tab for what to do:

: if you want to change your delimiters between characters/pinyin/definitions to meet your own needs, change them here. The "tab" field cannot be changed. it must stay =char(9).

2chars, 3chars - type in your desired character combos into the 6 or 9 character columns. You can edit anything in green. Modify nothing else.

2calc, 3calc - here is where the brute force happens As you add more pairs you want cards for, you'll need to copy down extra rows of formulas. 2calc needs 2 and 3calc needs 6 for every line of characters you want to work on. Ive highlighted 2 and 6 of the rows you can copy down. Basically those formula's expand out the single row of entries by having a formula to lay out every possible combination.

, 3result - here is your text almost suitable for import into pleco. Either copy and paste the contents of column A into your favourite editor and search/replace out the extra " marks (excel sticks them in, annoying), or from excel, select the worksheet and File Save As, Unicode UTF8.