Full-text search for user dictionary


Hi, I am working on a user dictionary with 9,000+ entries. I imported it from a .tsv file and everything looks formatted correctly. However, when I try to search for a string of Chinese characters in an example sentence, nothing is found (even when using #). Nothing changes when I tap the “C” button next to the search bar, or when I choose my dict from the drop down menu. Full-text search does work for other non-user dictionaries.

Full-text index for my dictionary was built and optimized.
Other current settings:
Manage Dict Groups > Full-text, Chn > Full-text search only > off

Thank you!



Staff member
Sorry, but full-text user dictionary search currently only works for English (due to limitations in the SQLite FTS search engine at the time we made it); we're planning to address this in our next major update.