Full-Screen Handwriting ‘Quirk’

I have the Full-Screen Handwriting add-on module. It works like a dream, and can read my mind. It is, as advertised, MUCH friendlier to my handwriting than the default handwriting recognition.

HOWEVER, despite my best efforts, and the best efforts of my Taiwanese teacher, we are unable to get the Handwriting Recognition add-on module to recognize 夭 (yao1) and it insists on offering nothing better than 天. BUT, if I use the default handwriting recognition then Pleco gives me no problem at all. We have tried to exaggerate the slope of the first stroke, we have tried minimizing the slope, we have tried speaking sternly to the software, all to no avail.

Curiously, it has no problem recognizing the sloped line in 乔.

And it gives me 千 with no problem.

Any thoughts? It is very frustrating to be doing a test of 25 characters and miss a perfect score because the Handwriting Recognition module is blind to this one stroke in this one character. Thanks, David
Hello DavidMars,

sorry to hear that, I have a hunch that the selection of characters that are recognized is too small in the Handwriting settings. With the following character sets selected, I could enter 夭 right away: (first stroke from upper right to lower left)


I would try choosing these settings and then drawing the character again.

Hope this helps,

HAhahhhaaha.... HHahhahhHahahahahhhaHAHAhahahaa...

The first time I tried to use the recognizer to write "ten thousand (千)", it took me almost an hour of trying. This was before I actually took any Chinese lessons. It was only after a lot of frustration that I tried the upper right to lower left stroke.

It turns out that for most characters, the pleco recognizer can figure out almost anything write, no matter how badly I do it, or no matter how much I scramble up the order of the strokes; except for those upper right/lower left strokes which I now do religiously.

(I'm laughing at me, by the way)