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Hello Mike,

I've noticed that email notifications of new messages in the forums aren't always sent out immediately, but sometimes a couple of hours after they were written. Notifications of replies to one‘s own messages do always come in in real time, just not notifications of new messages in watched forum sections. The last message where I had an 8-hour delay was "HSK Exam is coming soon. But I'm not confident in my knowledges. What can help to put things right?".

I checked the XenForo forums for this problem, and found that this issue doesn't appear to be very easy to solve. Others had even week-long delays. Would you like to check for a remedy to this (albeit small) issue? But only if you think it's easy to do.

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I think that’s just related to moderator approval, actually - that post you mention was the first post from a new user and so was held up for approval. Moderated posts get date stamped with the time they were posted, but they don’t actually go live (or send out notifications) until they’re approved.