flashcars profficency

first of all: this program is wonderful! it's all i could ever ask for -- and more!
and it's probably really obvious, but i just can't figure out how to sort my flashcards by the level of my proffiency. i want the program to ask me the cards i don't know. of course, the random is very nice, too, but once you your flashcard lists start getting big, it kind of takes up too much time until you get to the ones you really should be studying.
so any advice on how i can start a new flashcard session and be tested for the words i don't know?
thank you, i feel stupid just asking this.


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This is done through the (slightly confusing) Ranks system. Basically, PlecoDict will automatically assign each flashcard a proficiency ranking based on how well you've done testing yourself on it; you can then limit a flashcard session to a specific range of ranks, or you can adjust the card frequency by rank so that cards you need less help with will come up less often. This is covered pretty extensively in the flashcard section of the instruction manual, but if anything in that is at all confusing let me know and I can try to clarify it.

Luo Yang

Would you like an example?

Hi Randall,
If you would like an example I can send the settings I use for my flashcard drills. It removes cards systematically and tests them in different ways as I improve. I am still refining it, but it would give you a starting point.

If you would like it let me know and I will type it out for you. (I am planning on putting it in writing eventually anyhow, but if you want it I will put it on priority. It won't be any extra work.)

Luo Yang