Flashcards sorted for Rosetta Stone learners


Hi all,

I'm learning chinese with Rosetta Stone and I'm really happy with it. However, I like repaeting the characters when travelling with train / bus, waiting anywhere for anybody or whatever...

For this reason I started to create a set of flashcards including the characters occuring in the Rosetta Stone lessons. When learning, I look them up and add them.

Maybe somebody else wants to use them too. Of course, I'm not responsible if I accidently left a char out but I think it should be complete ;)

I will add new Units as I complete them.
Cards are mostly german. You have to convert them to get the english cards. Eventually I will do that if I find the time, but for now they are german :)

Have fun and Best regards,

P.S.: I zipped them because it's not possible to select .xml files when uploading...


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Thank you for the great idea and effort!
Any chance there is an update? I'm not entirely sure how to count units, but I think I've nearly completed Unit 3. I could really use some simple revision.