Flashcards for kids

Hi - apologies if this is too basic a question. I haven't kept up with my studies for a while but I am trying to set up a flashcard system for my 5 year old daughter to learn new words (english). I know there is other flashcard software out there but I thought I would use Pleco as I know how to use it (well I thought I did!).
I have created very basic flashcards, initially just the first 100 high frequency english words in the simplified headword box. When I used to use your flashcards for my chinese, I am sure that if you got an answer correct you could say whether it was easy or only just correct etc and the same if you got it wrong. Now when I do it, it says 123 or 456 and I find that confusing because I can't remember what 1 v 3 or 4 v 6 means! How do I customise it so it says it in words again. I can't work out what I have fiddled with!

I hope this makes sense, many thanks.
Also I am going to add new words to the batch as we come across them from reading books. What is the best set up for a child? I have it set up on spaced repetition. We will only do it once a day for a few minutes, so only a couple of new words a day.


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The 'spaced repetition' profile is actually the problem here - tap on Profile in the main screen and choose "Simple" and that should get the interface back to what you're expecting. (spaced repetition doesn't really make sense in the scenario you're describing anyway)

That being said, to be honest Pleco isn't really optimized for this sort of scenario so it might be worth investing a few dollars in a system that is - familiarity is nice, but having an interface designed to hold a 5-year-old's interest is a big plus too :)


I still think the "barely remembered" "almost remembered" etc. were very useful and intuitive. I wish they still displayed that way in SR.

I don't really need/want to see the due date on each button, so I found it much more user friendly. (Especially when the time displayed is identical for each of the three "Incorrect" choices, which is practically always...)


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That we actually did end up reversing for 3.1, though only temporarily since we plan to reintroduce them as part of the new UI we're working on for later in the year.
Thank you - I put it back to simple and yes, that is how I remembered it looking. Tried it out on the wee beasty yesterday and she thinks it is quite fun (for now!)