Flashcards: Duplicate words in different lists

I have been studying the PAVC flashcards in Pleco http://www.plecoforums.com/threads/practical-audio-visual-chinese-dictionary-and-flashcards.2403/
Currently finished going through book 1 and 2. I imported the flashcards to include custom definitions.

I decided to also add a different category of mine (TOCFL vocab), which I imported using dictionary definitions.

In the same session/scorefile, I am seeing the same words pop-up. For example 去年 appeared twice. Once with the custom definition (PAVC), once with the dictionary definition (TOCFL).

Is there any way to set things up so that I do not get duplicates? Ideally, I'd like the custom deinitions in PAVC to be the priority, but don't know if that's possible.


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Do the PAVC cards include both traditional and simplified characters? (looks like in the file at least they do) I'm not sure why they would even have imported again in that case - did you perhaps configure the importer to allow duplicate cards?

Anyway, there's no support for automated duplicate merging at the moment so unfortunately the only way to fix this would be to do a search for "duplicate cards" and manually delete the ones you don't want.
Ah! I see! Yes, when I imported the TOCFL category, I had set duplicate card handling to "allow".

I had assumed that the scorefile tracks unique characters/words, but it sounds like it tracks unique flashcards.

I guess I'll hold off on the TOCFL until I get through my PAVC lists, and then import the TOCFL again with duplicate card handling set to "skip".

Thanks for your help!


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Yes, it does indeed track unique flashcards rather than words - people often use duplicate flashcards to cover separate study items (break down words into sub-meanings, e.g.) so it wouldn't make sense to automatically share their scores. (though we're working on a way to encapsulate multiple 'facts' on the same card)
Following up on this: I didn't really know what I was doing in my early days with Pleco, and now have a lot of duplicates. For example, in one ChinesePod lesson category it'll be "sleep", in another "go to sleep", in another "to sleep".

Is there a streamlined way to merge these duplicates so I can keep them in their categories? I know I can easily delete the duplicates - but then 睡覺 (or whatever) no longer appears in the categories that the duplicates were in, right?

Thanks in advance!


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Not at the moment, but it's definitely on our to-do list, as we generally are going to be building more functionality around the expectation that cards are (usually) not duplicated. For now all I can suggest is that you export the cards to a file, delete your database (make sure to back it up first in case something goes wrong), then reimport with "merge cats" as the duplicate handling behavior - that way, if it finds a duplicate during the import it'll add the existing card to the category instead of creating a new card.
Difficult to find a solution to this. Maybe an option in the test that internally unselects the duplicate words (except one), but still updates their score (that would be the same for all the duplicates of the word). If the option is enabled, there would be a warning telling the user that some scores from duplicated words could be lost.
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This has actually gotten a lot easier for 4.0 since we now keep very scrupulous logs of flashcard reviews; merging two duplicates would simply be a matter of merging their logs for history and then picking the shorter or longer interval (user's choice, I suppose).