Flashcards (dictionary items) amount limitation - is there any and (if yes) how great it is?


Hi again,

tried to import 3.3 million flashcards from a tsv file, the progress menu displayed all the increasing numbers up to the target digits, but then when I browse the flashcard category to which the import have just been made, there are only some 500.000+ flashcards.
In the source text file all the lines were unique, no duplicates.

Are there perhaps volume limitations to the user dictionaries as well? (flashcards of that number will import in a few hours, while for the user dictionary it will take several days)
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This is all beyond the scale we designed Pleco around, honestly - there are a bunch of places where bits are awkwardly packed together with < 32-bit integers because we were trying to save RAM on old RAM-starved devices. So there isn't any explicit limitation from us, but 3.3 million flashcards is way beyond what we ever designed / tested around and I'm not at all surprised it would start to choke at some point.


I see. Actually Pleco doesn't give up though and honestly finishes the job ))


But only half a million items are there in the end, out of 3 million+.
Maybe the whole file is imported and only the info gives the wrong number of entries? Will check this.

As a solution I guess big files just could be split and then fed to Pleco
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