Flashcards batch operations (remap/rebuild/restore custom) for chosen categories


I have about 10 categories of flashcards + some of them even have their subcategories.
I map them to a dictionary which I periodically update (delete old version, then add the new one).
So I have to remap my flashcards every time to this new version (or during test, nothing will be shown as the previous version is deleted).
That works great.
But I also have two categories, flashcards in which I would like to exclude from this remapping procedure.
(These are traditional and variant forms which I study in a different manner than all the rest of my flashcards).
These 2 cats are custom and are not related to any dictionary, including the above mentioned which I frequently update.
The problem is that I can't exclude these 2 cats from the batch remapping.
If I select some categories for batch operations, it's ignored as no cards are selected (selected cat ≠ selected card), and thus batch is applied to all cards available (incl the unwanted cats).
I can select cards, but then I need to sequentially enter all my 10+ cats and subcats and perform batch remapping in each of them.
If I remap all cards and then try to restore custom defns in the 2 special cats, some info is missing (some trad forms, perhaps rare ones?).
So I've made two small dicts (Traditional and Variant forms) and remap from them everytime.

But perhaps there's some other way to apply batch operations only to the selected categories (not selected flashcards, which works ok)?


Staff member
Hmm... best I can think of for this at the moment is to create a new category, do a search for 'all cards', batch add them all to that new category, then do a search for cards in each of those other categories and remove them from that new category. ("remove from category" for an arbitrary category is a batch option even if you're not looking at the category in question)