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Just had a few questions about how the new profiles work (in general). Please forgive me if they are overly simple.

1. After importing the cards from XML format, do I have to remap the cards? I had OCC for most of my cards, so is it automatically remaped when imported?

2. I imported my cards from Pleco Legacy, and they rightly show up under the Pleco Legacy Profile in 4.0.
When I start the test, I review the same cards as if It was in the Legacy version of pleco.
However, If I started the test for another profile, In my case the SM2, does it start me from ground zero, pulling randomly from the cards I have imported, or is there some algorithm conversion that happens?

3. How to configure score subjects - I had this set in Legacy to alternating Character and Definition every couple hundred points, but has the feature changed names?
On a similar note, would it be possible to create a profile with Cloze sentences with the SM2 profile?

4. Adding new cards - In Legacy, I would use the 'simple' profile to test 10 new cards so that they were in the "system" and could later be tested by a seperate SRS profile. Are any cards that are tested (regardless of the profile) put into the "system" in 4.0? In Legacy, I could also force add to pool. Has this been replaced with "Force Due"?

5. Under New Cards (in SM2 Profile) what is "Bury Related Until Next Day"?

Thank you and I am already enjoying 4.0 Beta!

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Just wanted to update.
I figured out everything except for the Configure score subjects.

I think it is under 'Test Type Selection'
However, is there any way to toggle when each test type will show up?

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Sorry for the slow reply (was busy with a bug fix update).

There's no way to shift when each test type will show up with score-based selection, no. To be honest, while we kept that feature in 4.0 for the sake of people who were already using it, the new "Learning" profile is generally a much better way to accomplish the same thing; with that, you can configure the precise progression of test types and intervals you want rather than awkwardly trying to line up score increases with test types.