Flashcard questions


Is it possible to carry over the exact same flashcard settings in 4.0 that I used in the legacy version? I think these carry over in the old version if you restore settings, but I can't see an obvious place to do that in 4.0. There is a restore from backup option, but it doesn't seem to allow me to select the settings file that I backed up from the old version on another device.

I have invested a bit of effort getting the SRS settings in the legacy version more or less the way just the way I like them, and want to see if the experience is what I expect in 4.0. I used the self-graded 6-level SRS mode with custom values that tweak the algorithm to get the frequency I am looking for.

BTW: In the new flash card model, what exactly does "Begin study", "promote to review" and "mark completed" mean? (apologies if this is a faq somewhere).



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Your flashcard settings are in the database file, so if you restore that it will include those profile settings / scores / etc. (under 'legacy profile')

The new options are basically a way of telling it whether a new card is something you actually want to study or already know - 'begin study' puts it on a normal course of learning (few minutes spacing -> few days -> few weeks and so on), 'promote to review' adds it to the pool of cards you already know to bring back occasionally, and 'mark completed' removes it from study + flags it as a card you've already learned.