Flashcard easiness doesn't decrease

I've been fiddling with flashcard settings and discovered a strange situation: no matter what parameters I set for easiness change in scoring tweaks, it never decreases, only increases (by a specified value) to 110 and beyond. Have anyone encountered this behaviour? I bet there's some hidden setting I changed. I have minimum easiness at 50 and easiness multiplier at 100, multiple choice test with prompting for quality.


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If anyone's wondering, the issue was an obscure and undocumented bit of our flashcard system logic: we set an absolute minimum easiness at 110% of whatever your easiness divisor is, in order to avoid the situation where (easiness / divisor) is 100% or less and a card actually sees its interval stay the same or decrease on a correct answer. (as far as I know this is the first time in 10 years anybody's noticed that, so kudos on finding it :) )

4.0 in its 'expert mode' no longer does this sort of behind-the-scenes stuff, so if you want to have cards' intervals go down on an incorrect answer in that, you can.
Sent you another email - it still seems that either 100 is the hardcoded lowest easiness or it is impossible to get easiness (not score) decrease on a successful guess. I did reset the easiness divisor to (an absolutely undocumented, until now ;)) default calue 40.

My goal is to discourage myself guessing cards based on a single character - very often the choice is obvious (separate thread about choices). I'm trying to go strict on myself and award a decreased easiness for cards I guess based on a single character. I guess my next step will be to set both the score and easiness to 0 change in this case (quality 4), this seems to work as documented. Not sure I can ever decrease score on 4 - haven't tried yet. Too many shiny knobs on Pleco's flashcard system :D


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See my email - I tested this with your database and it worked fine, perhaps you were still hitting that minimum? (I mis-wrote it as 110% - it was that in your case because you had set the easiness divisor to 100 but it's actually 10 points and not 10% above whatever you've set for that)

Too many shiny knobs on Pleco's flashcard system :D
Yep, which is why in 4.0 we're taking most of the dangerous ones away + making you wade through a lot of 'expert mode' screens to get them back.