Filter sentences in SENTS tab



since the list of sentences in the Dictionary SENTS tab can get very long, could one add a search field at the top of the list of sentences, using which the Chinese sentences and their translations could be filtered for a Chinese word or a word in another language? As far as I know, there is currently no way to do a full-text search with an AND combination. A search filter box would also be understood intuitively by most users.



Staff member
Not sure if it would make more sense to do this there or just in the regular search box with an AND option - I'm a little wary of adding too much clutter to what's already a pretty cluttered screen, and I've been kind of wanting to add an example search option to the main search box anyway as we move in the direction of treating examples as first-class 'entries' rather than weird little embedded bits of data.


Sure, any way to search example sentences with multiple arguments would work for me. Thanks!