Feature Request: Score Filter With a Different Scorefile + 2 Questions


Hey, I was playing with the flashcard test functions and ended up with a small problem. But maybe it is already possible to do what I want and I just did not get it.

When using the score filter, is it somehow possible to select another scorefile than the one used in the current profile?
What I want to achieve is:
When I am learn characters, I learn reading and writing and pinyin. With score-based subject selection all in one profile and scorefile. Now I still often forget the exact tones. So I would like to practice the tones of the cards I have already learned to a specific level (e. g. 400 or 600 points). Of course I want to use spaced repetition here. So I cannot select the same scorefile as for learning characters etc., because it would mix up my progress in characters and my progress in tones.
So I would like to have a different scorefile, but I want to put a score filter of e. g. 400 points and above. So that I can practice the tones of the cards I have already learned, not mixing in all the cards which are still on my HSK list but I have not learned yet.

I think it is actually a small thing, but it would be really useful, if it is possible to select a different scorefile for the score filter, especially for tone pratice and stroke order tests, listening tests, etc.

Two more questions/remarks:
1. I found that there is a small bug, revealing parts of the word accidentially: If Ihave a VO-construction, and the example sentence seperates it, the characters are sucessfully hidden. But not the pinyin.
For 扫兴 the example on my card looks like this during the test:
bie sao dajia de xing

I already activated the additional search for characters. But it does nothide the pinyin. Is it possible do to so?

2. Remapping to another dictionary. I found this feature, but I am not sure about it. In the manual it says that it will remap the cards temporarily (only for this test?) to a new dictionary, as specified by the list of dictionaries. It will search for Pinyin. Will it search for the tones as well? I found several words where my dicts (ABC, NHD, PLC, GF,...) do not agree about the light tone at the end of several words. So I would like to remap it to GF or Xiandai Hanyu Cidian, as a maybe more reliable source (or which dictionary is well known for good tones?). If I have a card 泼辣 po1 la4 (from ABC), and I remap it to GF, will it become po1 la5, since the characters are the same, but the tones not?
How about words where I get another meaning, like 公道, depending on the tones (gong1 dao5 = Stative Verb/Adjective fair, gong1 dao4 = Noun justice)? Is it possible to create two cards or to integrate both versions in one card? Usually the dictionaries have to entries which are shown together but I can only select one to have my card (if I want to have a dictionary-based one). Other examples are 爱好, 得...


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Not possible yet, but already on our Grand To-do List.

1) Which dictionary are you seeing this in? Sounds like a data file issue.

2) For that temporary remap feature during tests it would only pick an alternate definition, not alternate tones. For the permanent remap feature in Organize it would change pronunciation too.


Thanks, hope this feature will come soon, up to now I don't see a good way to study the tone test on a larger amount of words.

1) I am using the ABC dictionary, this is where the example above comes from.

2) Which dictionary is the best regarding accurate tones? (Preferably with a huge number of entries as well)
I think it would be senseful then to build the cards on that dictionary's entries and remap them to the best definitions during the test.