Feature request: Reader option to pause/resume audio when viewing a definition

Recently I've been spending a lot of time listening to Chinese audiobooks while following along with the text using Pleco Reader. One annoyance I've been running into, however, is that if I want to look up a word, I have to pause the audio manually while doing so, and by the time I've managed to do that, the audio has run on for a few seconds, such that I usually have to manually rewind afterward.

It would be great to have a toggleable setting for Reader that, if enabled, pauses any playing audio when the definition popup appears (i.e. when you tap on a word) and resumes it again when the popup disappears. Would this be possible given the APIs available to Pleco?


Staff member
There’s an API for it but we’d have to test and see whether it works well in practice - can certainly investigate the next time we’re working on that part of Pleco, thanks for the suggestion.