[Feature Request] Colored characters in clipboard reader to indicate tones

Feature request:
When using the clipboard reader, there should be an option to display characters in their tone colors.

Example: I copy chinese from elsewhere and read it with clipboard reader. Instead of all characters being a single color, they show up in colors according to their tone.

This will allow readers to correctly pronounce characters as they read, internalizing tones by speaking them over and over in their head as opposed to having to click on each character to open its definition box and see the tone/color there.

The reader in its current form is useful for training reading and listening. Implementing this simple option would make it useful for pronunciation/speaking as well. In fact, it would be the most efficient way of internalizing correct pronunciation there is. It would allow learners to train pronunciation effortlessly while they read.

Pleco, please let us finally master tones with this invaluable feature. I would be willing to pay for it!

Thank you,

Background: I have used Pleco daily for four years. Almost all of my Chinese knowledge is directly attributable to Pleco; mainly flashcards and clipboard reader. I copy entire books into the clipboard reader and read them. This has done wonders for my character recognition and reading comprehension, but unfortunately I have not found a way to memorize tones other than going back and starting from HSK1 flashcards with tone quiz. How inefficient and time consuming. That is why I am so excited about this feature and I hope you will be too.
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Thank you for your response and for your amazing product. I do not know anything about the technical difficulties of creating such a function. But as a user I would not mind waiting for the phone to process the colors. And I would definitely not mind a few inaccuracies due to characters with more than one tone, etc. If it were 70% accurate I would be more than satisfied. Perhaps include a disclaimer when turning on the option so as not to anger the sticklers.
Has there been any more progress with this feature. I'm in total agreement with Alexsxela on the benefits of displaying characters that are coloured according to their tone. That's the primary reason why I have just registered for this forum.