[feature request] Ability in Pleco reader to run one (or more) books against selected flashcard decks


This way it is easy to see how well a certain book (or collection thereof) is covered by one's current vocabulary. This should make it easy to find a minimal set of literature with which to keep one's current level.

Just some input for you. Considering that the reader can already iterate through all the words in a book, this feature shouldn't be that hard to implement.

I've just recently started using Pleco and it blew my frickin' mind. Absolutely amazing piece of software!
Keep up the good work!


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Sorry, what do you mean by "run"? We've added a feature in our upcoming 4.0 update to let you highlight + apply other behaviors (extra tap to reveal definitions, e.g.) to reader words based on their flashcard status.


Hi @miri83,

I think that you would like Pleco—or some other code—to iterate through all the sentences in a text and determine the text's difficulty for you, based on the flashcards that are already marked as learned in your database. Since most learners study the same couple of thousand words first and will specialize only later, a script that rates texts by the six HSK levels of the HSK 2 standard (5,000 basic words) should also be helpful to you.

If you know Python, I recommend that you have a look at the three threads below for scripts that determine the HSK difficulty level of sentences, which could quite easily be enhanced to assess the difficulty of entire texts made up of many sentences:

The following algorithm by @Pierre Biannic runs much faster, though there is still some disagreement in the ratings of many sentences compared to my old script (I will have to get to the bottom of this.):

A precondition for using these scripts is, of course, that the texts be available in unencrypted, DRM-free form.

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