Feature proposal: self-adjustment of pop-up window depending on screen size and/or orientation


Currently in some screen size/orientation configurations the popup window doesn't shape the best form and thus doesn't reveal its great potential.
I'll make some screenshots to further explain this proposal and update this post with them a bit later


1. Great layout, informative and readable (with the exception of a wish to make hanzi a bit bigger while latin letters a bit smaller, described this proposal here https://www.plecoforums.com/threads/feature-proposal-adjustable-option-to-make-chinese-text-bigger.6827):

2. Here, the things worsen a bit, need to scroll the popup to see its contents. I'd prefer this popup to be of less width (not many, if any, such long strings can be found in dictionaries) and of more height (like in the previous screenshot) to show more content (3 lines e.g.):

3. Again, at least one more line to fit into popup is desired (we'll lose a line of text a few lines below but we're not reading it yet):

4. Basically the same as (3):

Also can the popup position be lowered a line so we can see a little more of the phrase currently being read. I know there's an option to stick the popup to the lower edge of the screen, but it's too far from the eye's view (of course, that might be rather individual)
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Thanks. A narrower bubble in landscape makes sense (we already do that on iPads) but to be honest I’m not sure if there even is a potential design that would work well in split-screen mode on a phone - that might be a situation where “lock to bottom” is a better bet, since it’s not that far from the text when the text is so squashed anyway.


that might be a situation where “lock to bottom” is a better bet
Agree, but then every time using split mode a user would have to get into settings and pick 'lock to bottom' option, and vice versa again when exiting the split mode. Maybe it is possible that this behavior will turn on automatically? When there's a split-screen. Is there a way Pleco can sense that?