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    I've made a set for the above book. 12 chapters and all the grammar patterns. Enjoy.

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    This book was revised in 2013:

    Title: Far Ear Everyday Chinese, Book III / 遠東生活華語,第三本書
    ISBN: 978-986-5878-09-2
    Publisher: The Far East Book Company / 遠東圖書公司

    Two noticeable changes from the prior edition: there are now 16 chapters, and the English explanations of the Chinese grammar have been removed (in lieu of Chinese explanations). This book is commonly used in Taiwan after completing Practical Audio Visual Chinese, Book IV, which which it heavily overlaps in both grammar and vocabulary.

    Attached is an updated vocabulary flashcard set (no grammar) for this revised edition.

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  3. Thank you very much. Has anyone else worked on this series since the posting of that file (2 years ago)?

    Going to give this a look in a little bit.

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