English full-text search: results incomplete?

Hello Mike and team,

Love the app.

I just want to share a small issue I've come across.

It seems the English full-text searches of Chinese dictionaries are incomplete.

Take the search "#preserved egg" as an example.

Although many results are found in my C-E dictionaries, at least one is missing, 皮蛋. Those three entries in Oxford, Pleco and CC all should trigger 皮蛋 to be included in the results.

Anyone else had this issue? What's going on?

[In my case, as there are no headword entries in my English dictionaries the search automatically switches to full-text, so the # is actually unnecessary.]
Screenshot_2018-11-30-22-04-03-625_com.pleco.chinesesystem.png Screenshot_2018-11-30-21-37-02-743_com.pleco.chinesesystem.png Screenshot_2018-11-30-21-37-06-268_com.pleco.chinesesystem.png


Staff member
That's odd, I'm trying the same search with the same dictionaries here and it comes up correctly. Could you PM or email me a backup of your settings? (Settings screen / Backup command at the bottom)