E-ink and Pleco?

Discussion in 'Pleco for Android' started by Kaimi, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Kaimi

    Kaimi 秀才

    I would love to use the new reader function but the phone is too small for me. I want to get an ebook for this, and use pleco on it. Is it possible with e-ink? Otherwise what's the best alternatives for reading? Just a regular tablet? Thanks.
  2. mikelove

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    Depends on the device - it's never been a fully officially supported Android feature so we can't really make any promises but I know a number of users have reported this working OK. A regular tablet is certainly a safer bet, though.
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  3. Kaimi

    Kaimi 秀才

    Thank you, I will reconsider getting a tablet, but I hope someone who has a good experience with e-ink and Pleco can show here how to do it (I just want to avoid the eye strain I get after reading long hours on LCD screens). Also, any opinions on Kindle HD? These are regular tablets, right?
  4. Bvo

    Bvo 进士

    @Kaimi ,
    hi, recently I bought a device specifically for use with Pleco (and Chinese learning in general).
    It's Xiaomi Mi Max 2 phablet with 6.44" display (my first "totally Chinese" device :)). Its size is enough for comfortable use for the purpose, it's lightweight, has very good performance and costs just about 200$-300$ (depending on the seller and support package).
    For eyes protection you can use Pleco's night mode or Xiaomi's Read mode, wich reduces blue-light emission and is very comfortable (making a screen looking like a real paper). Though display itself obviously is far from high-end, but is not bad. And the device has outstanding autonomy - several days of usual tablet-mode usage with more than 20 hours of active display. It has quick charge function (full charge = 2 hours, 60% = 1 hour).
    Today Xiaomi announced Redmi 5 Plus with 5.9" display and with the same SoC - it will be even cheaper and should be enough for learning purposes, though I don't know all details.
    Just a tip :) I think phablets are best devices for learning purpose - they're big enough but still compact and lightweight. And you still can use them for making a call!! :)))
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  5. Kaimi

    Kaimi 秀才

    Thank you so much for your suggestions!
  6. Miguel

    Miguel 状元

    I use it in a couple of ebook e-readers: Onyx C67ML Carta2 and Boyue Likebook (Paper). Both have Android 4.2 and it works fine, just the animated transition from page to page seems a little odd since Pleco is not designed for e-ink devices where this transition is deactivated. The response is also slower, so as Mike has indicated a tablet is a safer choice.
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