Direct Buy for add-ons


I am casually watching the Apple vs. Fortnite lawsuit. My understanding is that Pleco cannot mention in its app that customers can buy add-ons outside the Apple Store environment. Going to and entering my Registration ID lets me buy books, etc. directly from Pleco without sending 30% to Apple's shareholders. Worth keeping in mind as a cost-free way to further support Pleco.


Staff member
It's actually only 15% now, we're small enough (at least in our App Store revenue, which thankfully doesn't include institutional / government / etc purchases) to qualify for Apple's Small Business Program (and, after July 1st, Google's).

Still a lot more than the 2.9% + $0.30 Stripe charges us for credit card processing (or the comparable amount PayPal charges us for PayPal sales), not to mention the fact that with credit cards we get paid in a few days while with Apple it takes 2+ months, so we're certainly appreciative of people buying through our website instead of through them, but it's no longer quite as dramatic as it used to be.