Dictionnary of Cursive Characters


As indicated in a previous post, I am making 草子汇, the Dictionnaire des Formes Cursives des Caracteres Chinois available online.

It was compiled and hand-written by French navy officer Stanislas Millot in 1908, re-published by the Taipei Ricci Institute in 1986 under Lexica Numero 38, now out of print.

The dictionary is essentially a series of tables listing 7200 different entries, conceptually similar to a traditional dictionary with radicals, except the entry points are the basic cursive shapes he identified as initials or finals. There are a number of character indexes, and a detailed step-wise process for analysing characters.

About 2/3 of the pages are now available, I will be adding the rest over the coming weeks, as well as a text version of the explanations as the handwritting may be a little hard to read. If I ever get the time, I'll translate into English - volunteers?

Check cursives.org for updates.