Decomposition of Hanzi for writing practice

I'm trying to create flascards (or a dictionary) as writing aid.
No Etymology, only a practical decomposition frequently used in schools.

Like source I used file.

For DecompositionOfCharacters.txt file (600 Characters HSK1...HSK3) a single record appear as
  • 这 zhè (辵) 这 : 亠乂辶 lid, bend, walk, [ Def.: this, the, here]
The definition part is: (Radical) Hanzi : decomposition description [ translation]

For decomposition7120.txt (7120 Characters) as:
  • 诟 gou4 讠厂一口 speech, cliff, one, mouth
The definition part is: decomposition description.

Not all is perfect: èr two is sometime missed...
Do you know some better files?


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