Customizing Flashcard Settings


To preface the post, I will say that I have read the guides/tutorials about using the flashcards system, so I do know a little bit, but there are specific settings that I want that I'm not entirely sure how to customize.

1. I've downloaded the premade HSK flashcards that are in the app, and I would like to do a spaced repetition way of studying. The problem is, I'm also adding flashcards from my own sources, such as reading / textbook / videos, and I would like to study those alongside the HSK cards. My proposed idea is that I can select HSK 1, 2, and 3, and the categories that my own cards are in, under choose categories. I want these cards to be random, so I turn on "sort cards randomly" under the card selection settings. Once I feel comfortable with these cards, or I'm starting to run out of unlearned cards, I can add HSK 4 to the mix, and it will continue working how I want it to. I want to do it this way because I want to add HSK 4, 5, 6 and other category cards to this system eventually, but I don't want them in right now. Is this the correct way of doing things?

2. I have scoring set up so that my spaced repetition test that I mentioned previously uses the default scorefile. I want a different test in order to only review cards that already have a score of 1000 or more in the default scorefile, and I want those reviews to not effect the score of any of those cards at all. This would basically just be continuous review of cards that have over a score of 1000 due to the spaced repetition test, in a random order, and with no bearing on the score (I don't want this test to have any effect on the spaced repetition reviews). What is the best way to accomplish this?

I apologize if either of these things are obvious or if I didn't explain what I wanted very well, I'm still new to this and learning.


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1) Yes, that's correct.

2) Configure it with the same score file / card selection settings / etc, but then in "Scoring" set "Scoring System" to "None" - that will keep it from changing any of the scores based on the test.