Creating flashcard categories slightly customised but not fully!


Hi!! I am so sorry to be a pain and this might seem like a stupid question from someone who hasn't done their research but I am really struggling with this.

What I want to do is create categories (on excel or wherever) of the characters I want to learn but only for the actual characters (not PinYin or definitions), and then have pleco just fill the characters with the definitions from their dictionary.

I was wondering:
1. if this is possible, if do:
2. What software (excel, word, whatever) to type all the characters on to and the format
3. How to put it into Pleco on my phone - what buttons to click so that the definitions from Pleco's dictionary is added into each card
4. Anything else that would be necessary.

Thank you so so much and I hope this isn't too much of a convenience to anyone!!