Conversational Chinese 301 flashcards


Anyone have flashcards for this book, by Lai Siping and Kang Yuhua?

Preferably for Pleco 2.0 WM format.

If not I'll upload a list... I'd also be interested in other flashcards for the Intermediate Book, not sure what its called.


Cards for the first 3 chapters are now here. I've got files for each of the 40 chapters, but there is a limit on only 3 files per msg, so if you want the rest you'll have to msg me, until I find a better way to upload them.

ZIP files are not allowed for upload.

The definitions are mainly based on CEDICT with some condensing to suit the level.


I have a wiki with a number of card databases, as well as reader files. You can upload all of them there. There's also a link to this wiki on Pleco's download page, under the "Reader" files section.

Chris Fong has also allowed me to post all of the ZDT vocabulary files there. would be one possible section.
Another thought, if you don't want to use the wiki, is to just zip them all up into a single file and upload that. You might get wider exposure from the wiki, but I don't know... I do know I've seen upwards of 79mb downloads per day after the Pleco 2 release, so somebody's using the files.


I've asked for these to be posted on the wiki listed above, the full 40 chapters will be in a ZIP file, and have been tested on Pleco 2.0. There are some duplicates, deliberately left in, but these can be eliminated on Pleco's import feature if you desire.
Thanks for the file. I've updated the wiki for you here: ... hinese_301

The file was uploaded to the root media directory, so it took a while to find it, so I moved it to the "media/flashcards" section. (You can click on a section in the media manager window before uploading to select that section.

I'll add a small "how to" on how to upload stuff. I didn't realize how many steps were involved, since I do it so often, I don't even think about it.

To edit, just login first, then click the "edit" button for the section, or for the whole page. I didn't put in much of a description, so you can change it as you wish.

Hope you find time to add more :)


***EDIT : I've added a small "how to upload" section. I'd appreciate it if you have time to look at it and see if it is clear to you.


Hi stephenhodges- I downloaded CC301 from your website. I am getting some strange results.
I grouped all 40 chapters under the one heading of CC-301.
I have done this for a number of other flashcards that I have downloaded, eg HSK with subfolders HSK1, HSK2,HSK3, HSK4 also with Intergrated Chinese 2, the heading IC2 with subfolders for each of the different lessons from 1 to 23. I have other groups as well, NPCR etc.
What I am getting when I click on the CC301 heading is not only the 800 odd cards that make up the 40 chapters but also I am getting the subfolders of some, not all of my other folders. The main folder name is not ticked but the subfolders are, eg HSK is not ticked but HSK1 through to HSK4 is ticked. So instead of expecting about 800 cards I am getting about 9500. When i click the 40 individual chapters within the CC-301 group the right number of cards appear.
Don't know how to embed screenshot to show what I mean. Any ideas?

I will download the files also and check it out. They were originally uploaded by cming

What I am getting when I click on the CC301 heading is not only the 800 odd cards that make up the 40 chapters but also I am getting the subfolders of some, not all of my other folders
By this I assume AFTER you import the flashcards into Pleco, the categories are not correct?

Please contact me directly tabletguy AT (same domain that hosts the downloads wiki) and we can work out the problem. I'm in China, so right now it's about 11:00 am for me.
Looking at the files, the header line is of the form:
// CC301 - Chapter 05
You can change them yourself to this form and they will group as "CC301" and within that group will be 01-40
The original names are too long to read the significant portion in Palm. Not sure what WM devices look like.
Note that while you can have a space in the group definition, I can never remember if it's a leading or a trailing space, so I prefer to leave them out. :shock:

I will update the files and upload a new zip soon. Takes a little while to edit 40 files!


On HTC Touch Pro, I had the same problem, so I also had to change them manually after importing to Pleco, although I was able to fit "CC301 - Chap 05", comfortably.

Still a pain to change them afterwards...will definitely keep this in mind for future lists.
I left your file intact, but added a new one with shorter names and grouping.

Thus, I made top level CC301 and each chapter was a sub level under that, so you could fold them up on the display when you wanted, and also easier to select "all". Would have been better to use 3 levels, and group perhaps by 5 or 10 chapters per section, but I'd prefer to wait until Mike adds a fourth level and not use all the levels just for that.