Common Idioms; A Collection by Grade [HSK / old HSK / 中考 / 高考 / ...]


Very good, many users will surely be interested in that PSC list.
You're saying that people are interested in a wordlist consisting of 17,055 entries for a test that foreigners won't need to ever take, except as a vanity project to serve as another feather in their cap? Doubt.

Thank you though.

It might be worthwhile to create a thread in the future of consisting of the many frequency lists which you, @Shun , have helped to create and test-related flashcards collection. Like that people could have more background information on which cards are worth adding to their list of flashcards. As I'm assuming, like myself, most people's flashcard categories are filled to the brink with words that I'd probably never again encounter, let alone find a use for.


I think that many of the flashcard lists others and my humble self have created have their definite uses. We can be glad that they number in the 10,000s, that way we will never run out of study material. In addition, I wouldn't think that you will never encounter many of the words you study. It's just the opposite, you should look for all the words you have recently learned in other texts, and lo and behold, there you see them again. That's what often happened in my experience at least. I think this can be explained by the so-called "birthday paradox". It says that a class of 23 students has a 50% likelihood of two members of the class having their birthday on the same date. So it's also quite likely that you meet with the particular words you have just studied.
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