Comittment to Windows Mobile Pocketpc Platform?


My palm just finally gave up the ghost. Decided from the problems I had with it, compared with others who own palms, that I will never purchase another palm device again. How comitted are you to developing something for PocketPC?

When do you think you'll have a beta version out? I've been a pleco user for years, can't do without it!!!



Staff member
It'll be a while, unfortunately... the Motorola handwriting recognizer we use on Palm OS isn't available on Pocket PC and we haven't been able to license another one we like, so we've got to design our very own handwriting recognition system before we can release a Pocket PC version. (it's actually a pretty good idea anyway since there are a lot of neat new features we've come up with that we'd like to add)

If it weren't for that, the Pocket PC version could likely be ready in December; as is, it probably won't be out until summer of '05. We've thought about releasing a version without a built-in handwriting recognizer and letting people buy a third-party one on their own, but that really wouldn't work as well and would further delay the release of the handwriting-equipped version so we're leaning against it.

One thing you could always do in the interim is buy a cheap used Palm off of eBay; almost anything with an SD or Memory Stick slot should be able to run PlecoDict reasonably well.