Cloze Deletion Flashcard Creation Stopgap

I've heard Cloze deletion will be included in Pleco 4.0, which I'm very excited about. However, I'm wondering whether it would be possible to make a stopgap solution until that day comes:

In the settings there's an option to put a "+" next to all example sentences (only the ones containing English translations). However, when the sentence is added as a flashcard, the whole sentence (characters) is entered for the headword, and the whole sentence (pinyin) for pinyin. The English translation of the sentence is entered in the Definition field. It seems like it would be quite easy to make a setting where instead, any example sentence (with or without an English definition) which a user adds as a flashcard from a dictionary definition would just use whatever headword corresponds to the dictionary definition in which the sentence is found, and then pull both the headword and pinyin, and use the sentence (in characters) as the definition, effectively creating a cloze deletion card.

This would serve as a really nice (and I would think relatively easy to implement) stopgap until actual cloze deletion comes.


Staff member
Thanks for the feedback, but to be honest, if we decided to start doing a to-do list of stopgap improvements like to 3.x, simply covering everything on this level of easiness / user interest would take months.

An added problem in this specific case is that if we added stopgap cloze cards like this, we'd also have to add support for detecting / migrating those cards in 4.0, so more work on that end of things too.