Clipboard reader crash bug in 3.2.88


Pleco 3.2.88 seems to have broken the clipboard reader on both BlueStacks and my phones, (S21 FE, Galaxy Note 9) the app exits suddenly every time the clipboard reader is accessed. Downgrading back to 3.2.87 fixes the problem. I'm hoping that the next update can include a fix though.

I've tried resetting the app back to defaults, and clearing all data, but the app still crashes. I'm on Android 12 on the FE and Android 10 on the Note.


Staff member
We fixed this more than 4 days ago, for whatever reason Google still hasn’t approved that new update - fortunately it only affected a small number of users before we pulled it but I’m sorry you were one of the unlucky ones. Anyway as soon as they approve it it should show up in the Play Updates tab.