Clipboard monitor options not visible


Prior to updating my S10+ to the new updates, the clip monitor widget allowed me to copy chinese words and auto switch into pleco's clipboard reader. After installing the new phone update, when I go into external access option, there is no clipboard monitor options, and the widget just became not functional.

How do I fix this ? I tried uninstalling the app too.


Staff member
I’m afraid Google blocked that function in Android 10 - apps can no longer access the clipboard in the background (even with a notification active). All I can suggest is that you downgrade to Android 9 and/or write to Google and Samsung to complain about this change.


Damn that's so sad, it was one of the best fuctions of pleco haha, guess I'll start using the on screen reader then :(


There is an open bug report / feature request for this on the official Google Issue Tracker:
You can "star" the ticket and/or add your comments to that, though as you can see there any many people unhappy with this change and so far I have not seen any clear indication that it will be reversed (however, they did up the priority on the ticket to P1, which I assume is highest priority).