Clip Reader glitch??

Hi there,

As I've said before on this forum I love Pleco's clip reader function. It is where all of my Chinese writing takes place now. The one frustration though is when I'm trying to edit a document. When I switch from 'reading mode' to 'editing mode' the cursor will flick to a different part of the document, which means I then need to waste time finding where I was in the document before I can start writing. Once finished I return to the 'reading mode' but it then flicks me back to the beginning of the document.

Are there any suggestions in how to deal with this issue?

Many thanks in advance.



Staff member
We don't have an easy fix for that one, unfortunately - it comes from attempting to hand things off between our custom tap-lookup text view and the Apple system one that handles editing, we haven't found a totally reliable way to jump to the corresponding location in Apple's view.

We've gotten most of the way to adding editing support to our own text view, but it's still rather buggy and we're considering dumping it for now and just finding a way to add tap-lookup support to Apple's view instead.