Clarify "currently free with the purchase of the old ve

Dear Pleco,

I'm a little confused about this statement at

"Oxford Concise English & Chinese Dictionary: currently free with the purchase of the old version of Oxford E&C for $49.95, the price will increase to $59.95 with the release of the finished version of PlecoDict. (we may continue selling the old version for $49.95 after that, but there'll no longer be a free upgrade to PlecoDict included) "

I already own Oxford and plan to buy PlecoDict soon. What is the "free" version of the Oxford E&C? Is it just the same dict in a different format? Do I need it once I get PlecoDict or can I just keep the one I have?


PS, what are the Chinese name characters that show up in posts under some usernames?

For example under user "mikelove" it has "Huangdi" (no tone #'s! ugh) with the characters underneath. A few others have "Xiucai".

I'm assuming it's becuase Mike is the Emperor (guy in charge) and that the others have gained some other level of scholarly place in the forum. Is that correct?


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Yes, it's just the same dictionary in a different format - all we're saying is that you'll get a free upgrade to the Oxford E&C "flavor" of PlecoDict if you already own the old-version Oxford E&C software. But you still need to pay for the ABC/NWP dictionaries.

However, you can get an upgrade discount on those dictionaries using your PlecoDict serial number - you can retrieve that using our automated system at

Oh, and the characters under names are a 'rank' system, something a lot of discussion boards do - see for details.


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