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Do you know any more about the copyright status of this? It looks like it's widely available online but it also mentions an earlier work from 上海辞书出版社 that it's based on.
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I am sorry, but I do not about the copyright status of this. So if you think that posting it here is an infringement of copyright, this thread should be deleted.
Here there is some information, but not about the copyright status, I am afraid:
Since my level of Chinese is rather low, the only thing I know is that there are two editions (the second a reprint of the first or an expanded edition (扩展版)?). The first (1983) can be downloaded as a PDF from here: ; and the second (1996) from here: . As you say, it looks like it's widely available online.

1st edition:
同义词词林 (第一版)
【页数】 762 ; 19cm
【中图法分类号】H136.2 (语言、文字>汉语>语义、词汇、词义(训诂学)>现代词汇>同义词、多义词、反义词)
【参考文献格式】梅家驹著. 同义词词林. 上海市:上海辞书出版社, 1983

2nd edition:
同义词词林 (第二版)
作者: 梅家驹 / 竺一鸣 / 高蕴琦 / 殷鸿翔
出版社: 上海辞书出版社
出版年: 1996-05-01
页数: 653
装帧: 精装
ISBN: 9787532603961

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We do a lot of other licensing business with 辞书, so I've written my contact there to inquire about this - it's old enough and appears to be widely available enough online that I'm not necessarily sure if they'd still consider it copyrighted.
Sorry for posting to an old thread, but did you ever get a reply regarding copyright? Otherwise, I assume that it's OK to use these files, and perhaps put them on my wiki at Panlogic software?


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Thanks - looks like it is indeed the same title. And the entries are certainly wordy, yeah.


I let you see my indexed page .
I group the characters 形 together.
Better than stroke order or radical order.
I have fixed term positions like in English.
Did manually cut and glue.