"Chinese History: A New Manual" e-book: pages cut-off at the bottom

Hi there,

I'm not sure how much this issue is related to the device that I'm viewing it on, but on the Pleco e-book reader edition of Chinese History, most of the pages are obscured at the bottom, cutting off the text and preventing me from reading it properly. I've tried adjusting both my phone system settings (font and display size) and Pleco's internal settings (removing the slider, font size, pagination, borders etc.). Nothing appears to solve this issue. I understand work on the Pleco reader has largely been abandoned in favor of the OCR, but I would like to know if anyone else has had this happen, and if it's something that can be solved. It's a shame, as I spent a lot of money on this ebook. It is otherwise much more functional than the print version in terms of following the internal referencing, and the ability to translate characters.