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I updated PLECO yesterday and notice that all the Chinese Graded Reader Series (1500,2000, word level etc) have words highlighted in blue. Previously they had a little + sign behind it where you could expand out the inbuilt definition. Is this gone? Many of these words do not appear in PLECO (see 2500 version, story 4 诺言 for example, the word 擒敌班 ) Without the definition what does the blue symbolize now?



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The blue means that it's a word that you're likely to want to look up in the dictionary (= that used to have a glossary entry); the +'s generated a *ton* of complaints so we wanted to move away from them.

We thought we'd left behind all of the words not in the dictionary with +'s, but we may have missed a few; if you prefer the old files, here are links to download the old versions of those readers; you can install them with the 'install from zip' menu command in "Add-ons". (or for any iOS user reading this, by tapping on them in File Manager)

Thanks Mike.
Yes the new style is better although there was some good explanations with the old style to show the context of the word. I'm not bother either way to be honest but I think for sake of clarity a word highlighted in blue should have a corresponding PLECO entry otherwise keeps the user guessing.

If I find more I'll make a list and send them on.
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thanks for the zip files mike, i reinstalled the old files. I am surprised that people didn't like the old format as there are some very useful historical references there. (e.g. 2500 word level, 2nd story 我的四友人,word 大寨 is integral to the understanding the background of the story but not listed in PLECO naturally, as its a village in China used as a model village for the industrial revolution. Plenty of others too


I agree with Johnny20270, new style is more comfortable to read but I also prefer the old format (also went back to the old version). I find very useful the explanations for the longer expressions (specially with more difficult ones like the ones I find in the 2500 and 3000 words graded readers)
Great additions the new books!!! I love reading Chinese with Pleco.


Thanks!!! Great idea, most of words are in blue and explanations that are not in Pleco have a smaller and light blue '+' symbol. :)
Just noticed it today when I updated pleco. Flicked through a few stories and looks a lot better now. Great work thanks Mike.