Chi-JP and JP-Chi dictionaries

I'm looking for Chi-JP and JP-Chi dictionaries for Pocket PC.
Does anyone know where to find one?

(I assume that there won't be any similar product for pleco).


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Nothing like this from Pleco anytime soon, I'm afraid, no - we actually made a pretty serious run at licensing a Japanese dictionary but were rebuffed at every turn. used to have a pretty good list of Japanese dictionary software for Pocket PC, though it seems to be hidden now - there should be some other good links on there though. I haven't seen any handheld Japanese dictionary software as good as a high-end Canon Wordtank or similar dedicated dictionary, though.


Have a look at

Most Dictionaries are not free, EBPocket doesn't even come close to Pleco regarding user-friendliness, the whole thing takes a lot of space and is a pain to set up properly (especially the input methods for japanese), but once done your Pocket PC will be way better than any Canon Wordtank or similar device out there. There is a 中日日中辞典 from 小学館 available in EPWing format - though it can be searched only by pinyin and hiragana/katakana and not characters it proves to be a remedy for my problem in Japanese classes when I usually recall the words in Chinese...